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Help and assistance for members of ABC

Affiliate Opportunity

This website is a TRAINING site for existing members of the Club only.
Do not send your prospects to this website until they have joined the Club.

Affiliate Opportunity - Earn a regular income, for free.

As An active member of the Club you can generate a regular income with the FREE TO JOIN, affiliate program. As soon as you start sharing the benefits of the Club with others, you can earn instant cash bonuses. You can withdraw your affiliate cash bonuses, direct to your bank account every week.  

How do you join the affiliate program?

Login to your back office at

1) Hover your mouse over your name

2) Click on "settings"

3) Expand the section that says "Account Type"

4) Choose "Advanced Affiliate Program" from the drop down list.

5) Re-enter your password and click "save settings"

Once you have registered for the affiliate program, log out and log back in and you will find some new menu options giving you full details of the affiliate program. You will find the full details of the affiliate program under menu option "member activities"..."affiliate program"

3 Strategies to make the most of the affiliate program

Here's some ideas to help you get thinking about growing a substantial affiliate income for you and your family. Watch any of the videos full screen to get the full details - just click the box at the bottom right of the videos to get them larger and press escape on your keyboard to get back to normal size.

Network Marketing Strategy

The "Big Hitter" Strategy

The Premium Member Strategy

All you need to earn instant affiliate income is your ID number

I have created some free web sites and presentations to help you promote the Club to others. All you need is your ID number because everything is all set up to work automatically to track your referrals to YOUR account. Login to your Angel Business Club back office and you will see your ID number on the left hand side of the home page. In the example below, the ID number is 30762

Some great, FREE websites to help you convert prospects into members:


(replace 15969 with your OWN ID number)

This site has a lead capture page and will do all the presenting and follow up for you. It works well if you share it with people who are already on Facebook as it shows a simple, 100% automated way to make money.


(replace 15969 with your OWN ID number)

This site also contains a lead capture page on the front of the site and is designed to tell your prospects all about the Club, in full detail. 

The power is in the follow up and this site does it all for you, automatically. It is still advisable to follow up with your prospects personally if you know them, but this is a great site to use if you don't know your prospect very well or if your prospect is someone you know likes to have all the information before they make a decision.

Other landing pages: - an attention grabbing optin page. - for people who drink tonic water or shop in the UK. - a more "gentle" landing page with a luxury background. - this is a very low key landing page for people you are in direct contact with via messenger etc. This page probably won't work well with blind advertising but will work very well with people you personally know.



Stage 1:

The ABCinvestors website is a simple 2 stage process, explaining the Angel Business Club to prospective investors. This is a great way of introducing the Club where you already have a relationship with the person and can follow up personally.

There is NO tracking on the front page of this website and it doesn't actually mention the Angel Business Club by name so it is a "blind" prospecting site allowing you to keep control of the conversation. It is a prospecting/filtering tool so you don't have any fear of rejection and you cannot be accused of spamming.

Share this site which shows a short introduction video and follow up with them (your follow up should be within 4 minutes if they are online at the time you share the URL).

Suggested Facebook/messenger/skype message:

Hi NAME, how are you today?

I was just wondering, are you open to taking a look at an investment opportunity? (Don't panic, you don't need lots of money!)

If they are open (don't worry if they say no, just thanks them an move on ASAP) share this URL

It should only take them 3 minutes to watch the video. So 4 minutes after you have shared the link, follow up and ask

"What did you like best?"

Let them answer and then say

"Would you like more details?"

If they say "yes" then simply share 

Stage 2: 

(replace 15969 with your OWN ID number)

This page explains in full detail what the Club is and how it works. It will lead them to YOUR Angel Business Club sign up page. Again, you will get much better results if you follow up again and ask if they have any questions. If they don't, then don't be afraid to ask "great, when are you going to join"? It's a bold question, but this will reveal if they have any objections. Answer someone's objections and they will join. Remember, this Club has the ability to substantially boost their finances.

Tip: The money is in the follow-up! Sometimes people are not ready right there and then to join. Make a note in your diary, on your phone or somewhere you will be reminded and follow up with them.



(replace 15969 with your OWN ID number)

This site focuses on the massively exciting Britannia's Gold Ltd project. They will receive follow up emails automatically, each containing YOUR referral ID.

Please note this site is currently being updated, pending another update from Britannia's Gold Ltd. Do not promote this URL at the moment and check back here for more details so you can know when to promote this URL again. Thanks.

WEBSITE 5: ABC Signup Page

(replace 15969 with your OWN ID number)

This single page website shows a prospective member what shares they will receive when they join the Club. This is a very useful site to use if you have been speaking direct with a friend or family member and they want to know exactly what they will get with their subscription.


(replace 15969 with your OWN ID number)

This single page website shows a prospective member how they can potentially win free shares just for attending a live webinar. This is a great way to get people to take a free account with ABC and attend a webinar where they see the quality of what the Club is doing.

Follow Up With Your New Members

As soon as someone joins the Club via your referral, you will receive an email from the Club. You should get in touch with your new member as fast as you can and give them a warm welcome and assure them they have made a great choice. If they didn't jin the Club via website, it's worth encouraging them to register their name and email there because that's also the same email list I use to keep members informed with news and updates etc. 

They may feel a bit daunted at all the information on the Club website when they first start, so give them a link to this training/tutorial site ( This website will help them get a much better understanding of the Club right from the start which in turn will help them become long term, loyal members.

Let them know they can also take part in the affiliate program and start earning instant cash bonuses by sharing the Club with others. You might need to let them know their ID number. You can find this in your own back office on this URL


Hello (name),

I just wanted to give you a big warm welcome to the Angel Business Club. You've made a great decision. 

It can be quite daunting to start with, but here's a great website with some tutorial and training videos that's well worth spending some time at to get a good orientation.

Your unique member ID number is: (quote their ID number).

There is also a brilliant affiliate program which is free to join. You earn instant cash bonuses by simply introducing new members to the Club. Check out the details on this page ( for more information.

Look out for your first share allocations, they should be in your back office within 48 hours. You can login to your back office at and you will find your share allocations under the menu option "equity entitlements"

If you have any questions please ask. There's no such thing as a stupid question and I'm here to help you get success with this great Club. So whether you just want to see your money grow or if you are also interested in the affiliate opportunity as well, let's make this really work for you too.

Many thanks and I look forward to helping you soon,


How to see your network of members

Once you have some referrals, this is where you can find them. In the "member activities" menu options, select "invite". That will take you to this page:

Next, click on the button that says "see your full invite tree" and this take you to this page Here you can see your entire network of members.